Who Are Matrix Customers?

Matrix Management’s corporate customers, and the brands that are part of the product line programs we manage include the following:

Customer Logos

Matrix works with a wide range of large agricultural customers to enhance supply chain efficiencies, better manage operational costs and drive more revenue through their distribution networks. In short, we help our customers maximize market opportunities with their existing corporate resources. Examples of distribution and management services provided by Matrix Management to its customers are shown in the following:


Matrix manages several product categories for this world leading mfg including aftermarket lubrication dispensing and measurement tools, tractor parts & accessories, lubrication fluid management systems, hand-held lighting, tool storage and other products, all private labeled and packaged to the individual dealers.    Matrix handles vendor management, inventory & demand planning and blind-fulfillment through an integrated platform that reaches dealers across N. America and the globe.  Using technology with such things as real-time inventory visibility provided to the dealers is just one of many ways we advance communication and the dealer experience.   Working closely with key marketing personnel, Matrix supports dealer training, seasonal promotions, trade shows and merchandising strategies to provide the full array of resources to this world class organization.  Marketing support by Matrix includes print and online catalogs designed & hosted by Matrix, dealer training and in-field support through our Total Focus Marketing field sales partnership.


Matrix manages a comprehensive branded shop products program incorporating multiple commercial brands. The program includes power and hand tools, tools storage, lubrication equipment, chemical products, automotive maintenance & vehicle-related equipment, and safety products. Matrix manages vendor relationships, importing, product design & packaging, demand planning, warehousing and distribution. Order fulfillment is direct to over 3,200 dealers in the US and Canada with centralized order processing via EDI.


Matrix works with a global PP&S group to aggregate, stock and fulfill a wide range of personal protective equipment, gas detection and chemical spill remediation products. This customer distributes chemicals, equipment and dispensing systems for the pest control industry, including to regional pest control operators and through contract with Orkin, Terminix, Ecolab and other national operators. By consolidating and aggregating the PPE category, Matrix relieves twelve regional buyers from procurement from over 50 manufacturers, shipping into over 100 regional branches. Buyers now place a single purchase order to Matrix for branch or customer-direct orders for over 500 SKU’s stocked by Matrix.


Matrix has partnered with a leading national industrial supply distributor to develop and stock a unique line of branded dealer products. From lubrication tools, repair tools and shop supplies to support their main lines and sold through over 1,200 locations in North America. Matrix manages the complete supply chain management for this program, from vendor selection, importing, packaging, demand planning, warehousing and direct-to-dealer fulfillment. Order processing and transaction settlement is via EDI and Matrix supports the program with a customized online catalog, print collateral, dealer training and customer support.